The 'Rolling Stone' described them as pioneering prog rockers and now they have found their way back to the Grand-Duchy.

You heard right! Jethro Tull is coming to Luxembourg and will be playing a show at the Philharmonie on 29 September and we've got you covered! As always :-)

Jethro Tull has a unique and complex style. Although they began performing as a blues band, they quickly began to incorporate influences from other musical genres including hard rock, folk, jazz, classical, and progressive rock.

But what makes Jethro Tull's most defining characteristic is Ian Anderson's flute playing. He was self-taught on the flute and added interesting effects such as singing while playing and flutter-tonguing, which creates distorted sounds. His habit of playing while standing on one leg attracted attention and gave the band the idea to use his image as their logo.

Stephen 'Steps' Lowe, host of The Lunchbox, had the amazing opportunity to interview Ian Anderson, leader of the British rock band. You can listen back to the two part special here and right here and there is a lovely passage discussing how important Radio Luxembourg was in getting the best music to the masses.

The interview is chock-a-block with anecdotes and stories that are truly amazing to hear, from what we can expect from future material, why Jethro Tull have endured so well and the Jethro Tull live experience in 2022 - and how it differs from previous years.

Jethro Tull plays at The Philharmonie on Thursday 29 September. Ticket details are here.

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