The Scots are back in business, back in the 'Burg and we've got tickets for you!

Biffy Clyro are coming to Rockhal this September and you should be pumped!

With their new album, A Celebration of Endings, out now, the band has been taking over the rock world by storm. With that said, get ready because in a short few weeks they will be touring in Luxembourg and you do not want to miss it.

Biffy Clyro has a long history of success in the rock industry. In the past 15 years they have released 3 albums that have reached platinum status in the UK. Furthermore, they have held the number 1 hit album position on three separate occasions in three different countries.

Listen to Song 2: Biffy Clyro

Formed in 1995, the Scottish band has released 8 total albums. Their first album, Blackened Sky (2002), immediately put them on the map and was highly regarded by rock journalists of the time. Since then they have amassed a large following across Europe and especially in the UK. Their album, Only Revolutions (2009), cemented their name into rock history and was full of hit songs including Many of Horror and Bubbles.

Check out Stephen Steps Lowe's interview with Ben Johnston (Biffy's sticksmith) right here.

Their new album, A Celebration of Endings, hit the top of the charts in the UK and is a tribute to the current times and what it's like to have to start again. This is the kind of album that "really makes you want to lose your shit at a festival" --figuratively of course.

So get ready to rock on at Rockhal on September 25, because Biffy Clyro is coming to Lux and is going to put on the show of a lifetime!

Support comes from the absolutely bonkers Dutch band De Staat - Steps also has an interview recorded here.

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