Tom Odell's show is SOLD the F OUT - we can get you in. Yep, we ruddy well can.

NOTE: The competition is now closed.

The incredibly talented Tom Odell is back in the 'Burg for yet another SOLD OUT show at den Atelier.

Now four albums into a career that has seen him topping charts all over the world, Odell has made a new record that feels free of expectation and of other people's perceptions 'of who he is as an artist'.

Tom has not been shy on the inspiration behind a lot of his new material, darkness is never far away but new LP Best Day Of My Life is a multi-layered, genre-bending pop album, 'full of light and hope, even in the strangest of times'.

With 3 UK top 5 albums incl. the platinum-selling, chart-topping Long Way Down; 2 top 10 singles; a 2013 Brit award for Critic's Choice – there's one thing that's always kept Tom Odell grounded: songwriting.

You could consider him a songwriter in the classic mold and that has sometimes worked against his precocious talent and fresh faced appearance, but you don't get awarded a prestigious Ivor Novello for nowt (Songwriter of the Year in 2014) – relied on his passion more than ever when it came to crafting his new pop-leaning, emotionally-healing fourth album.

A number of the songs on the new album lean into a more DIY, electronic, bedroom pop sound, and the love of this new direction chimed with the pandemic's arrival and songs were crafted in a more threadbare way around instruments he had at hand, like Moog synths. It was a move underpinned by both necessity and a desire to explore.

Of course, you're going to be hard pushed to keep the tears from flowing as Odell's increidble Can't Pretend and Another Love, which has found a new lease of life at coastal clubs, courtesy of the remix treatment given to it by Tiesto gets its inevitable airing and brings the house down all over again.

To win a pair of tickets to this SOLD OUT performance, simply send The RTL Today Radio Crew a WhatsApp message, be sure to include Tom Odell, Your Name and your favourite Tom Odell song. Send to +352 621 52 5000.

Tom plays den A on Saturday 17 September, doors at 7pm, support comes from OSKA, Cartwright.