The LGF is the first festival in the Grand Duchy dedicated to the classical guitar. Despite its high popularity, concerts for the instrument remain quite rare in Luxembourg.

On May 14th-15th the first edition of the Luxembourg Guitar Festival is taking place, an event which aims to promote the excellence of guitar playing here in Luxembourg. On Thursday, RTL Today Radio's Melissa Dalton was joined by Josip Dragnić, Artistic Director of LGF, where he spoke about the importance of the festival.

Josip highlighted that the potential to create such an event was great, as there are over 1,000 students currently learning to play guitar. Playing the classical guitar gives musicians the much-needed foundation and basics to later learn any other kind of guitar.

The festival will give students the chance to meet and learn from great guitarists as well as follow their studies outside of the classroom through networking. From a pedagogical aspect, students will be able to practice, hear each other play and receive support and encouragement while presenting themselves.

Two competitions will be held for this purpose, one for young guitar students in Luxembourg, ranging from age 8-20, and a second international guitar competition with no age limit.

Both competitions are open to spectators, with the award ceremony being held on Sunday.

As this is the first edition of the festival, entrance to all the concerts is free.

More information on the festival and a precise time table can be found here.

Curious? Listen to the full interview here.