When a hugely overblown LP is released from a hugely overrated musician, this pitch perfect pack of tunes is extremely welcome.

For years Londoner Little Simz was written about as an 'incredible secret', known only to those 'in the know', with this record, not only has Simbiatu Ajikawo put those demons to rest, she has also released arguably one of the best LPS of the past two decades.

Yeah, yeah, hyperbole only gets you so far, good thing, then, that opener Introvert hits with the full weight of a Bond theme. Stirring strings, blaring horns and some glorious wordplay showcase exactly why Simz is a vital part of the UK music scene.

Let's be clear here, there may be singles, but Introvert is an album best enjoyed in full. It does take some work over its 65 minutes but each play reveals more on Simz' struggles with fame, her complicated relationship with her family and the weight of modern society on psyche.

“One day I’m wordless, next day I’m a wordsmith/ Close to success but to happiness I’m the furthest / At night I wonder if my tears will dry on their own,” Ajikawo spits, defiant yet delicate.

It's there again on the standout, I Hate You, I Love You, the vulnerable hiding behind the confident, "You made a promise to give them a life you didn’t live / My ego won’t fully allow me to say that I miss you / A woman who hasn’t confronted all her daddy issues”.

On How Do You Get Here, Simz looks back on the path to the now; “Sometimes I sit and I wonder / I’m the version of me I always imagined when I was younger / All albums I studied/ Learning bout flow and cadence / I sit and listen to my old shit like damn all it took was patience.”

Rap and Hip Hop are based on braggadocio, and with a run time of 19 tracks, you might be forgiven for thinking that excess has taken hold, but the quality rarely slips across the 15 tunes (4 are interludes narrated by The Crown’s Emma Corrin).

I know 'classic' can be attached to too much too soon, but Little Simz fourth long-player that is a benchmark for future generations.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is out now on Age 101. Little Simz is slated to play Rockhal in January 2022.