This surprise release from the secretive band is apparently only going to be available online for 99 days.

The mysterious neo-soul collective self-produced, recorded and released two of the best albums in 2020 with ‘Untitled (Rise’) and ‘Untitled (Black Is’) and have set the music web alight with their fifth LP.

Tearing up the rulebook on what a traditional band should be in modern times, marketable, relatable...Sault are doing things their way. Yes, you may argue that the mystique is actually a smart marketing tool, but listen to the urgency on 'London Gangs', which recalls Young Fathers' raw take on life on the city's streets.

‘You from London’, features guest vocals from the remarkable Little Simz as jazz flits with a genre mash: “We don’t wanna cause any grief / But we get triggered hearing the sound of the police”, is the key lyrical takeaway.

'Trap Life' and 'Fear' further cement the agit-pop frustrations with an increasingly tempestuous community and an overly oppressive system. There's distrust of the police, rage against the machine, howling with despair at unfair loss.

Synths and strings collide on the heartbreaking 'Mike's Story' and 'Bitter Streets'.

This is a band showcasing their talent for music but also their vital voice for a disjointed and jilted generation.

'9' has been online for, yes, you guessed it, nine days at the time of writing. A gloriously accidental coincidence if ever there was one and you should really get to checking it out ASAP.

Download '9' here for free, courtesy of Forever Living Originals.

As a nod to a recommendation I (and you...the readers about this wonderful band) got back in December 2019, Isabella Eastwood put this as one to watch in her Music for 2020 article. See if there's more you have missed.