RTL Today chats with Steven Pitman about a new seasonal CD project that hopes to bring some Xmas cheer to both the listener and the artists involved.

"In a time where it has become nearly impossible for artists to perform live in front of their beloved audiences, it’s more important than ever to stay positive and get creative!", says Steven Pitman on the new project he has undertaken during an enforced hiatus from live performance.

This Christmas season will be unrecognisable from any before, largely due to the continuing Covid-19 crisis and also due to the effect it has had on those relying on live gigging as a means to make a living.

Pitman came up with an idea on how to bring some "much needed Christmas spirit into peoples lives/homes and, at the same time, create some financial support for the artists involved".

"We are creating a new CD," he says, "featuring Christmas songs, interpreted by artists in Luxembourg that have had to deal with cancelled concerts and financial losses since March due to the COVID pandemic."

The CD will contain 10-12 songs by as many artists and will be ready in early December. It features among others, Lata Gouveia, Sascha Ley, Kid Colling, Kinga Rose, Christophe Reitz, Gregório and Pitman himself.

"Our goal," the sometime hip-shaker says, is "to sell at least 2,500 CDs before Christmas and this will serve to help the participating artists financially".

Such a project is almost impossible to realise without additional help and support and Pitman and his team are delighted to to be officially supported by the 'Ministére de la Culture‘.

Their input will help cover some of the initial production costs but "we need any additional support we can get in order to minimise these costs", says Pitman.

How can you support the project? "It’s easy", laughs Pitman, "there are a few possibilities".

"We are looking for small, medium and large companies & organisations that would purchase the CD’s as Christmas gifts for their workforce, customers, family & friends. Not only do the CD's make nice gifts – they’ll also be supporting local artists / culture during theses difficult times."

The CD will be available at all CACTUS stores in December.

For a donation of €250, €500 or €1,000 it's possible to get a corporate logo on to the CD artwork and, says Pitman, "We will supply free CD’s".

Anyone wishing to offer support can follow this link (make sure to mention 'Christmas Doheem‘).