Even an abridged season must end - and thus, the Philharmonie 2019/2020 season comes to a close.

Luxembourgish musician Francesco Tristano was the last to hold a concert at the Philharmonie. Régis Thill spoke to the artist during rehearsals:

"The silence that reigned throughout the last four months was deafening," reveals Tristano, "especially for a musician, where there is this need to perform around people. Some days were difficult, others a little better."

Tristano spoke of the "war economy" that dominated from day one, locking him, alongside the whole musical world, out of the concert and performance sphere, which is the musician's lifeline - both financially and spiritually.

Bach became Francesco Tristano's replacement salvation during quarantine. In Bach's work the musician finds a never-ending source of inspiration, a creative space where there is always a new path to follow. So for the last four months, it's been back to basics. Or rather, Bach to basics.

"Bach was really my 'daily bread' for the last four months," Tristano admits. Although the musician professes not to have been particularly productive throughout the pandemic, he was set on sharing what he had created with the Luxembourgish public, a re-imagining of classical piano coupled with electronic sounds.