HOTROX and Harvey Dentist will be performing original material mixed and free styling with producer & Wolf Beatz.

"Forged out of rubble of conflicts" has absolutely nothing to do with the origin of HOTROX. It just sounded fly.

Hotrox met Harvey Dentist, THP and Kashew Butter while prowling Toronto's Hip Hop scene, forming the group Pengeah.

Life did what life does and the line up changed, as did the surroundings, with Hotrox and Harvey pitching up in Amsterdam. This where they met their beat maker Wolf Beatz, and the next chapter in the Pengeah chronicles lives on.

Here their sounds gel in free flowing vibes and well-versed wordplay.

This one truly is the most non-mainstream act we have so far put out on our pages.

Join us on Facebook Live from 8pm and turn it up!