Rock University, a music school in Luxembourg, caters its courses specifically to its students, all under the slogan of 'Music Made in Luxembourg'.

Rock University is a music school unlike any other. The goal is not to simply play music, but to feel, and above all, personalise it. The teachers, who are passionate, professional musicians, set out to promote every talent as much as possible.

With specially adapted courses, they can respond to the individual needs and wishes of each student, which is also reflected in their results.

Every Friday, we introduce a new musician and their video with a personally covered song through RTL You. This week we present Ermioni with her cover of Sam Smith's hit song "I'm not the only one".

1. Could you please present yourself in 2-3 sentences?

My name Ermioni Kaltsas and I am 18 years old. I’m currently a law student at the University of Nottingham in the UK. I have lived in Luxembourg all my life but parents are Greek and American.

2. At what Age did you discover your passion for music?

My passion for music and singing began when I was quite young, from watching movies and musicals. I used to write down the song lyrics and put them on my wall, decorating my room with them.

3. What does music evokes in you?

Singing has always been a creative and emotional outlet for me. So it is hard to mention something specific, rather I see it as a getaway which relaxes me.

4.What does a normal day look like at Rock University?

I took singing lessons at Rock University, focusing on musical theatre songs. I learnt how to use correct breathing techniques to reach my full potential and how to feel the emotion behind each song and be conscious of its meaning.

An overview of the series this year