While the University of Luxembourg Choir is affiliated with the University, as you might guess by the name, it's open to anyone.

The choir's new season began Tuesday 7 January, and they meet for rehearsals at the Kirchberg campus of the university every Tuesday at 7pm. Of the new season, one member says:

"This season is going to be awesome - we have some Debussy, Ravel, Barber, Faure, Dallapiccola and more scheduled. (Both the Ravel and Debussy Trois Chansons, Barber's Reincarnations, Faure's Les Djinns, Pavane and Madrigal....the list goes on)."

Despite being a university choir, their average member is a 30-40 year-old professional, but of course they also count a number of young professionals and students among their ranks. The objective of the choir is not just to form a group that can perform high-quality music, but also to develop a community around it.

The member to whom we spoke also said that they have a focus on outreach: "for example we are singing for the Transatlantic dialogue this season, and have recently performed concerts in collaboration with choirs in Berlin and Vilnius) and on social betterment - each season we make sure to perform one benefit concert to raise money for an organization."

Due to the difficulty of the music they are rehearsing this semester, they ask that people who wish to join either read music or have extensive choral experience.

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