After a short summer break, Eldo's English language programming is back.

Eldoradio's English language shows The UK Chart Show and Thank Eldo It's Friday (TEIF) take to the airwaves.

Each and every Tuesday (save for when Steps is OoO) the 8-10pm slot is the sole reserve of the UK Chart Show.

And, what with the UK not being entirely the most stable of locations at present, Steps offers what little comfort he can by way of a run down from 30 know the drill.

Asked which is he favourite element of hosting a show such as this, Steps made no bones about his preferences; "It's a well-known secret that the sound of the charts is not exactly my mainstay in musical choice...that being said, I have found myself suffer a regular case of the ear worm."

Steps is also keen to point out that it's not all chart, chart, chart; "Where possible, I will drop in a couple of curve balls for the hit tips. You know, place some tracks that may not always get the deserved air time."

Slightly grey of beard these days, Steps finds the notion of the popular slot 'Step Back' to be of constant amusement; "It's funny to p[lay a track from 15 or 20 years ago and consider that I was glued to the radio hoping that my fave band would somehow break into the Top Ten - but a large swather of Eldo's audience may not have even been a twinkle in their parent's eyes."

The UK Charts will begin at 8pm on Tuesday 10 September and will from then broadcast weekly.

The TEIF show kicks off at 8pm (till Midnight) on Friday 13 (cripes) September and then will broadcast weekly.

You can stream here.

Peace and Jam.