After several successful solo projects Miss Georgia Gray and LeDé Milestone have now teamed up and released a catchy Summer single.

Bonnie&Clyde is the first single the two musicians have released together, in the interview they talk about their collaboration and future plans.

How did your collaboration come about?

Miss Georgia Gray: We messaged on Facebook, started talking and I fell in love with the project, so we started working on it. I think you can explain it better.

LeDé Milestone: Yeah, I had already heard of Georgia, because as I was working with a producer who had also worked with her. So I had already listened to some of her songs and around the same time as we were looking for a singer, she messaged me on Facebook. It was a coincidence really but it happened at the right time. I suggested making the song together and Georgia was immediately excited, so we just recorded it instantly.

A lot of your songs are in English, how does singing in Luxembourgish make you feel?

Miss Georgia Gray: I don't have the accent, for me it is harder to sing in Luxembourgish but it is also more difficult to speak Luxembourgish. I tend to stutter when I can't find a word. English is, of course, easier for me but I think you asked whether I wanted to sing in Luxembourgish or German and I thought you know what, it is a good idea to do something in Luxembourgish for once. Also because I've often been asked why I don't release a Luxembourgish song. So I pushed through and in the end I don't think it was that bad, it's just my accent, right?

LeDé  Milestone: It's alright, you can hear it sometimes but the chorus is rather easy. Whether it is Bonnie AN Clyde or Bonnie AND Clyde doesn't really matter. Then you've also got a few sentences in the parts and the bridge but I think your accent is rather charming, I liked it.

"You can't release an album if there are no expectations, maybe even no real fan base. Releasing an album from one day to the other is like throwing money out of a window." LeDé Milestone

Any plans for the future?

LeDé Milestone: Yes, a lot. We can't say anything yet but we've got our own studio and work more or less all the time on new stuff. The past couple of weeks we focussed more on live performances and will start new projects at the end of the month, there will be solo projects and some with my crew. This means that at the end of this or start of the new year, at the latest, you'll hear new stuff.

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Do these plans involve a new album?

Miss Georgia Gray: Releasing an album is complicated, I've made the experience when I released my first album and a lot of people didn't know me, this has changed now and I regret not having released the album NOW. This means that I think that I will rather be working with singles instead of releasing another album. When you've got enough songs and the fan base gets bigger, then you can release a new album. I think it is better to focus on singles, especially at the beginning of a career, it's easier and you don't spend as much money. An album is very expensive.

LeDé Milestone: Yeah, and I think you need to built up some kind of suspense before releasing an album. You can't release an album if there are no expectations, maybe even no real fan base. Releasing an album from one day to the other is like throwing money out of a window. I do tend to think about bigger, long term projects like an album, a mixtape or collaboration's album but I approach and release them step by step. By this I mean small and effective promotions, releasing the right singles at the right time and not too close together. I've made the mistake of releasing 'Weini' and 'Bonnie & Clyde',which I consider to be two of the best singles I've released in the last years, relatively close together. You just have to time it well and therefore I think we will slowly release one single after the other and work on bigger projects in the background without directly promoting them.

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"It is possible that we will produce a Bonnie & Clyde album. We already talked about the possibility of starting a group." Miss Georgia Gray

Miss Georgia Gray: When thinking about producing an album I also think, who still listens to albums these days?, everyone uses Spotify. I mean, he has also released an album, we both have and somehow you regret it because you know that people were not interested in the album and besides what cars still have CD-players or who has still got one at home? Most people really just use Spotify and you waste less money if you just put your work on streaming platforms instead of releasing a CD. I hear it more and more, no one buys CDs anymore, no one listens to them anymore, you take them with you but don't listen to them because you go straight to Spotify. You're sitting in your car, starting the engine, take your phone and quickly type in a song and that was it, you don't take a CD. I don't know, you might think about it at some point. I think that if he and I were to have a lot of songs, some time in the future, it is possible to produce a Bonnie & Clyde album. We already talked about the possibility of starting a group.

LeDé Milestone: Even if you don't press any CDs, it always remains an album, even if you just release it on streaming platforms. The work and the concept remain the same, even though you don't have to press it what would cost you more, but it doesn't change anything on the road to a finished album. You still have 10 to 12 songs that need to be produced. But yeah, as I said we need to set examples, that's what we've done now with 'Bonnie&Clyde', and we're trying to continue in that mindset. But I am not someone who says, I'm releasing one single and I'll just work on that single, if I feel like starting a new single tomorrow I just do it.  I've got leads of sketches at home, I've got at least 25 half-finished songs lying around in the studio that need to be finished. It depends on my mood but if I see that a single got potential to be released on a certain date I work towards that goal. At some point I'll say okay these are my 20-25 finished songs on which I will work until the last 10% are added and then I've got an album. I think the last 10% are the hardest and that's what a lot of people aren't willing to do. That's why not that many albums are released, especially here in Luxembourg and the Hip Hop scene where it's always the same people who release albums. Overall it's mostly YouTube videos and stuff like that that's sporadically released. We're trying to do something in between. On the one hand, we want to release singles, on the other we want to be spontaneous and present while also attempt long-term projects which we might keep secret until they are released.