Choose your own adventure style quest where you navigate a day in the life as Bey's PA!

Green Chyna's quite brilliant time waster is a perfect mash up of pop culture and the norms of social media.

As you read through the thread, choices come up that branch the story in one direction or another.

Most of the options end with your fictional assistant being shown the door and not letting it hit your digital ass on the way out.

But there's a narrow line you can toe, decisions you can make that'll preserve your not-an-actual-job just a little while longer.

It's proper Machiavellian stuff.

Far from being a few rudimentary clicks and off you pop, this is next level Stan-ing.

The story is clearly informed at some level by a mega-fan's enthusiasm.

There are literal and resonant references to Beyoncé's past and present be(y)hind the 'should I, shouldn't I?' dilemmas.

Just as you think you've saved your skin another quandary will spring up as you desperately survive each successive choice moment.

Have a go here and say goodbye to your afternoon.