We had a great night at LuxExpo The Box on Thursday and for those of you who couldn't come and see Anne Marie´s concert, here is how it was!

Sirens screeched over the speakers, alerting the crowd of Anne-Marie’s arrival. Finally, after waiting for quite some time, she appeared, not with the usual big leap onto the stage but a rather focused walk and this was for a reason:

“I never really wear a dress but this dress I liked so much”… “but you will see me doing this often this evening“…. and she pulled her dress down, laughing. It was not one of her usual eye catching-matching outfits but still, it was a cute dress ensemble with a silky boyfriend shirt.

She launched straight into "Bad Girlfriend" followed by "Cry".

Having recently supported Ed Sheeran on his stadium tour, this location that only holds a couple of hundred people must probably have felt tiny to the 28 year old singer from England.

She said  "Merci" and "Dankeschon" and asked us: "French / German?" – "but that's all I know …" - Yes, we all know about the language confusion here ;).

Then she followed through her set with her other hits like "Don't leave me alone" and "Perfect".

For those who don't know her that well, the evening was probably sprinkled with realisations of "I know this from somewhere" or "Oh, she had this song too?" – Yes, she had all of those hits in her relatively short global career, with her first headlining tour being in 2016.

Anne Marie laughed a lot, almost all the time. She has a strong laugh with some very funny high pitched "HE HE HE"- sounds in the end.

On to "Trigger", the next song.

Besides her catchy pop music and her bubbly personality, it's the honest and personal messages in her songs that are so inspiring! She said: "I write true stories about my life and about my boyfriends!...and if you have ever been cheated on sing this song": and "Alarm" followed.

Her down-to earth acts  and coolness are probably also a result of her huge experience, she performed in a lot of musicals before getting into pop and started performing on stage as young as  5!!

The audience went completely wild when Anne Marie sang two of her most famous hits to date, Rockabye and 2002.

Her awesome performance and interaction makes you feel like you know each other, so the whole evening was a good mix of party-like moments where the crowd laughed, sung and had fun!

As she explained in a previous interview, in each of her songs she places her heart, her pain and the growth she gains from this combination and she wants all of us to take part in that experience. Well, mission accomplished is what I would say, Anne Marie!

The night finished with her probably most famous song "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." ….everyone was cheering and giving the loudest applause to Anne Marie and her band!

Ciao, Anne Marie, it was great seeing you and Adios until next time!

PS: On my way back home there were a bunch of people from England in the tram saying: "There were so many old people in that concert..."

I sighed. Yes, after all it's Luxembourg with its overprotective parents joining their kids at pop concerts ;)...