Since 2015, the Grund Club Luxembourg has been bringing together some of Luxembourg's most talented singers, songwriters and artists. This Wednesday the collective will be live at Rockhal.

Musicians and music lovers within the Grand Duchy will be familiar with the Grund Club, founded by musician Lata Gouveia several years ago. The slogan "where the song is bigger than the artist" reflects the humble yet dedicated working ethic of the organisation.

The aim of the Grund Club is to source, exchange, document, interpret, and maintain a Song Catalogue by artists residing in Luxembourg. Furthermore, the organisation also reveals what top-notch singer-songwriters Luxembourg has.

Some of Luxembourg's most talented artists have helped shape and develop the club. Wednesday's show at Rockhal showcases an impressive and diverse line-up of artists, including Serge Tonnar, Ernie Hammes, Irina Holzinger, Hugo Nogueira, Dan Schmit, Estrela Fernandes, Sarah Candle, Kev Hyne and many more.

The singer-songwriters are performing with the Grund Club Band, made up of Sven Sauber, Tom Heck, Gilles Bernard and Luca Sales, who have all been at the forefront of the project.

Together with the house band, the songwriters arrange and interpret songs from other Luxembourg artists. The result is an energetic, varied and interactive show that draws crowds from around the country.

The partnership with Rockhal and Rocklab has aided the Grund Club in cementing their place in Luxembourg's music scene, while simulatenously growing their following.

Ticket's for Wednesday's show are sold at the door for €10.