Metal music from the Minett area has now been around for 10 years, and in order to celebrate this, the band is releasing its' third album on the 11 May.

After  Industrielle Läichendéngscht (Industrial Requiem) and Et wuar net keen...mol (It was not... never), Tëschegas now takes a crack at the current state of the Grand Duchy.

The 9 songs on the album Stad, Land, Goss (City, Country, Money) were developed throughout recent months, and will be performed live on the 11 May at Café Nicola in Fennange.

Luxembourgish groups Lost In Pain and Freshdax have collaborated on some the tracks. The Hip Hop collective Freshdax feature on Huldang gesinn a stierwen (To see Huldange and die). In their usual rocky and sarcastic tone, Tëschegas address nation branding, Jos the bus driver, the beautiful down of Huldange, the red lion with mad cow disease, roundup shots, and an elderly gentleman who is enjoying is retirement.

Tëschegas would definitely look forward to your visit at Café Nicola.