Those involved in Luxembourg's music scene will be familiar with the Grund Club, a non-profit organisation which aims to "source, exchange, document, interpret, and maintain a Song Catalogue of original songs written by professional musicians, music artists and singer-songwriters mostly residing in Luxembourg."

The man behind the Grund Club, Lata Gouveia, has just released a new album, Healed & Gone and its first single Millennium Road.

The full album can only be purchased from the artist website itself, and only a few singles will be available through the usual online stores and streaming providers.

Gouveia's musical journey started from a young age onwards. Born in Lisbon, he then grew up in Guinea Bissau, London, Luxembourg, and Oklahoma, all of which can be seen in his musical style.

The first song off the album, Millennium Road, has a political message about climate change, with an apocalyptic view of the 21st century. The woman featured dancing in video is Sylvia Camarda, the Luxembourgish dancer and choreographer.

The videoclip was directed by Solveig Harper, with Photography by Fabien Spaus and with the support of FilmFund Luxembourg and Harley-Davidson Luxembourg.