Luxembourg singer/songwriter, Charlotte Bridge released her album 'Steps' last week and RTL Today caught up with the musician before AND after the show.

As the release approaches, how were the nerves?

The nerves were pretty, well...nervous 🙂. Especially because I was to be accompanied by two musicians who have never played Charlotte Bridge’s music on stage before. But I was also really looking forward to it, it was a talented bunch of people and I think we had a lot of fun on stage.  Unfortunately Affinity Kit fell sick so he did not come but C'est Karma was amazing!

How long was the recording process?

The recordings took about seven to eight months, then mixing and mastering for a total of one year, maybe even longer. It always takes longer than you first think. Changing things here and there.

What are your plans for 2019 and beyond?

My plans for 2019 and beyond: well, I try and approach things as they come, just to go with the flow. I don’t want to feel music as an obligation, it will come when it comes. I am planning to play a bit in Europe for sure. Then in Autumn I will be featuring on a new EP from Edwin Aldin.

Which track are you most proud of?

The song I am most proud of: I would have to say it is probably “Siquijor”, although it’s not going to be released as a single. As much as I love it, it might not fit on certain radio playlists.

Which artist, if you could have JUST one, would you like to have made a special appearance at your launch?

Wow, an artist to make an appearance on stage...then, Emily Haines from Metric.

What would you say have been your main inspirations in making this record?

There were a few inspirations to be honest and it is hard to pin them down: stories I've heard and shared, life, a Philippino island, people... Musically? I am not sure, everything that is on my Spotify!

What are the themes?

Easy, time and all its challenges, traveling, pain, anxiety and panic attacks, love (lost and found).

What about the rumours it is named after a brilliant radio DJ?

Regarding the rumors, hahaha tell his wife it’s just a misunderstanding 🤣

How do you feel the night went, was it all you expected?

The evening was great, it was better that what I had hoped - apparently somebody from Gudde Wellen said we could not let anybody else in. There might be a video coming up as we filmed it.

And what now?

As I mentioned, I will take it easy and see what is next. Well I can say that there will be another gig at Ratelach in June and then let's see but I am looking for gigs for the Summer, hopefully with the full band again. Personally we are moving to a house in Cents so it will be busy times.

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