Daniel Balthasar, one of Luxembourg's most prolific songwriters with a stunning 6 albums and 2 EPs under his belt, has released his new single "Shadow" with an accompanying music video.

The story behind the creation and production of the song is quite unusual.

Balthasar had a recording session scheduled for another song in the summer of 2018. Out of nowhere, two days before the session, ideas for a different song popped into his mind, and Shadow was written in just a few hours.

"The song is about an ever present past that you just can't let go. Like trying to outrun a ghost," said Balthasar in an interview with RTL Today.

With a rough demo ready and the urge to record both songs, Balthasar rushed to finish off the sheets and string arrangements minutes before driving off to Rockstar Recordings Studio in Niel, Belgium.

Besides Daniel's acoustic guitar, personal touches to the track were added by drummer Michel Mootz, bassist Sebastian Schlapbe Flach and electric guitarists Jimmy Leen and Charles Stolz.

Wondering whether working with string sections was new to him, Balthasar says he often works and explores with strings, adding: "It's always a big challenge. When I arrange the song for strings, I can never be sure how it turns out when 14 real people play it with their instruments and their talent."

Shadow was mixed in February at Linster Studios by his long entrusted sound engineer Werner Pensaert. The final touches were made in late February by 4-time Grammy Winner Darcy Proper who mastered the song at Wisseloord Studios in Hiversum/Netherlands.

The Music Video

When the London-based filmmaker Lefteris Parasyris heard the raw demo of Shadow, he approached Balthasar to develop a video for it. The two had previously worked together on a set of videos for the visual EP “The World is a Mess”. The video was shot in Luxembourg with the help of cinematographer Martine Wolff and actress Xenia Katina.

Daniel Balthasar and his band have given a large number of concerts in Europe and beyond, from clubs and small stages to bigger venues and festivals. They played at the Popkomm in Berlin, the SXSW Festival in Austin/Texas and performed together with the Luxembourg Symphonic Orchestra. He is playing several shows in April before returning to the studio in the summer in the Provence, France.