Luxembourg's premier Rap/Hip-Hop star had a blast at Rockhal on Wednesday 20 March performing to his largest crowd yet. RTL Today caught up with Maz as he nurses a 'mild hangover'.

Nicki Minaj is known for getting into beef with her peers, pals and wider music industry. Not known to willingly hold back nor really knowing where boundaries are set, the outspoken worldwide star dropped by Rockhal as part of her THE NICKI WRLD TOUR. Supported by JUICE WRLD touring on the back of million-selling album Goodbye & Good Riddance and the Grand Duchy's very own MAZ.

RTL Today has a soft spot for Thomas (Maz) Faber and though Minaj became the first female artist with 100 career appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart perhaps Maz can hope to emulate the anaconda singer's career trajectory.
What were your impressions of the evening? Was it surreal?

Just Wow. 30 incredible minutes on stage. Yes I did get the jitters, I was really really nervous from the moment I arrived at the scene, because you could instantly feel how big it all is with all the buses, trucks and people running around everywhere....

How did it feel to take to the stage?

The first seconds on stage were just hypnotising..soooo many people, a moment I will never forget, even though I have to admit that it wasn't my best performance ever, but I think it was still a very solid one, and people seemed to enjoy it!

Is it fair to say that this was the biggest crowd you've played to?

Yes without doubt, even though it wasn't completely sold out, I‘m pretty sure to have played in front of approximately 5,000 people... I think the maximum before this show was around 700 the difference was huge, the view from up there is insane.

Did you have to change your show at all - given the stage and setting?

No not really, I performed "Boys Don‘t Cry“ for the very first time and covered Travis Scott‘s "Goosebumps“, kept the refrain while putting my own verse on it. These were the only changes, but the spirit of the show stayed the same!

Did you get to meet Nicki Minaj? 

Nothing at all. Not even for a blink of a second. I think she arrived just moments before the show. I got a picture with the DJ of Juice Wrld, and gave him a CD, very cool dude! But the two superstars were out of reach...I can understand why, but it‘s kinda disappointing that you don‘t get the chance to say Hi or to take a picture as the supporting act of their show..

What feedback have you had so far?

The feedback was very good! I think I made a lot of new fans again, my instagram account is vibrating😂 Many people asked me to take pictures with them etc

How was the reaction and response from the crowd?

The Crowd was brilliant, I think my little speeches between the songs were very effective yesterday...and they reacted impressed to certain flows and songs in general...Super thankful!

Were you able to enjoy, once the nerves calmed down?

A lot! I wanted to go back on stage already minutes after I finished...No for real, an unbelievable, unforgettable experience! Not only the show itself, but everything behind it as well, it just felt so big and real...

Did you feel like you were meant to be on a stage such as that?

Once more, this evening showed and confirmed to me why I‘m actually doing this, and that we make things felt right, and I think I‘m ready to perform more in front of so many people, I‘m in love with the whole event ❤️

Maz confirmed in interviews with Eldoradio and RTL Radio that 2019 is going to be a BIG year in terms of the rapper's developments, you should indeed watch this space.