David Funez lives in Tétange, works as a postman, and likes to make music in his spare time.

Funez collaborated with musicians from other Luxembourgish groups, some of which have since stopped creating music, to bring the 'Fou' project to life. The word 'fou' (meaning crazy in French) is a nickname for Funez.

Funez has been involved in music for some fourteen years, but has only just released the song Fou Fighter (presumably a nod to the band) and its accompanying video.

As for the song, Funez worked on the project alongside Ciaran Leonard, who is studying film currently.

The video shows not only a number of Luxembourgish sites, such as the Philharmonie, but also features Bijan Kesseler, a BMX rider who recently opened a BMX shop in Luxembourg.

Funez and his project are certainly ones to follow.