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In the summer of 1957, Enzo Ferrari, the racing legend, is in a tight spot. His Formula 1 world is on the brink of bankruptcy, tangled up with personal struggles, including the recent loss of his son, Dino.

Family tensions, especially with his son Piero, further complicate matters. Meanwhile, his drivers are revved up for the challenging 1,000-mile Mille Miglia race in Italy. The mix of personal and professional battles makes '57 a tough and defining summer for Ferrari.


In "Dune: Part Two," we follow Paul Atreides on an epic journey. Teaming up with Chani and the Fremen, he's out for revenge against the folks who wrecked his family. Things get intense when he's forced to choose between the love of his life and the destiny of the entire universe. Paul's on a mission to prevent a disaster he's seen coming, and the stakes are higher than ever.