Dr. Unigwe's first book De Feniks, received the badge of first Afro-Belgian novel to be published in Belgium. Since then, she has written 3 more books that have drawn inspiration from her life and society.

While in the Grand Duchy as a featured speaker at the Orange week conference on "Slavery: Past and Present," Dr. Chika Unigwe stopped by The Home Stretch on RTL Today Radio to speak to Melissa about her upcoming book, her life and her work as a professor.

Her 2011 novel On Black Sisters' Street  (published by Random House) won the $100,000 Nigeria Prize for Literature, Africa's largest literary prize. The novel explores the struggles and choices of Nigerian sex-workers in the red-light district of Antwerp through the lenses of reflection, faith, destiny, life, choice, opportunity and modern slavery.

On Black Sisters' Street was published in Belgium under the title Fata Morgana (Meulenhoff/Manteau) and has since been translated into several languages including French, German, Hebrew and Italian.

Dr. Unigwe, who was born and raised in Nigeria, moved to Belgium years ago and has now found her way to Atlanta, Georgia, where she is a professor of creative writing. She speaks highly of her students and commends them for being open to sharing their personal experiences through writing, in the safe-environment she has created.

Make sure to listen to the full conversation between Melissa and Dr. Chika Unigwe to hear more about her Nigerian upbringing, her experiences moving to a new continent and of course, her writing.

Dr. chika Unigwe on RTL Today Radio

If you would like to purchase a copy of any of Dr. Unigwe's books, she asks that you check your local bookshop and have them order it for you. You can also order online via the Book Depository or on Amazon.

You can get in touch with Dr. Unigwe on Twitter @chikaunigwe