The prestigious award has been given out annually since 1992 to honour the most meaningful literary work of the previous year.

Last year, Ulrike Bail won the prestigious award for her collection of poems wie viele Faden tief (roughly translates to like many threads deep). Guy Helminger's novel Lärm (German for Noise) came out on top of this year's vote. The book examines an attempt to reconstruct the life of noise-sensitive psychotherapist Konrad Schnittweg.

The jury, which is presided by Jeanne Glesener, argued that Helminger's novel manages to captivate with a plurality of subjects and a richness of characters. The thematic relevance of the literary work was further described as "multidimensional".

This is the second time that Helminger takes home the Prix Servais, as well as the €6,000 that come with it. He won it for a first time in 2002 with a collection of short stories, called Rost. His brother, Nico Helminger, has also won the price on two occasions.

The 'price of encouragement' was awarded to Julien Jeusette for his manuscript Vies provisoires (Provisional Lives).

Members of this year's jury: Jeanne E- Glesener (president), Simone Beck, Odile Linden, Claude Mangen, Pierre Marson, Alex Reuter, Shari Schenten, Aimée Schultz, and Sébastien Thilges.

Winners since 1992

• 1992: MANDERSCHEID Roger
• 1993: GREISCH Pol
• 1994: PORTANTE Jean
• 1995: KOHNEN Joseph (Prix spécial)
• 1996: JACOBY Lex
• 1997: STECKEL Margret
• 1998: ENSCH José
• 1999: HOSCHEIT Jhemp
• 2000: SCHMOETTEN Pol
• 2001: HARSCH Roland
• 2002: HELMINGER Guy
• 2003: SORRENTE Jean
• 2004: MUNO Claudine
• 2005: JACOBS Jean-Paul
• 2006: REWENIG Guy
• 2007: SCHLECHTER Lambert
• 2008: KOLTZ Anise
• 2009: SAX Pol
• 2010: REWENIG Guy (Tania Naskandy)
• 2011: KRIER Jean
• 2012: ORTLIEB Gilles
• 2013: GREISCH Pol
• 2014: HELMINGER Nico
• 2015: MEYER Roland
• 2016: PORTANTE Jean
• 2017: WAGENER Nora
• 2018: HELMINGER Nico
• 2019: SCHMIT Elise
• 2020: KIRPS Francis
• 2021: BAIL Ulrike