Book by former ambassador John Marshall shortlisted twice.

The prize of the Luxembourg Book Prize 2021, organised by the country's publishers, the BNL and RTL, will be awarded on Thursday, 18 November at the "Walfer Bicherdeeg".

Audience award

One book across all categories will take the audience award. You can vote from 25 October to 8 November right here!


Jemp Schuster, Editions Imprimerie Centrale

Tullio Forgiarini, Hydre Editions

  Le Chesterfield du cinquième
Nathalie Ronvaux,  Editions Guy Binsfeld

L'Arc di Marianna
Jean Back, Editions Guy Binsfeld


Die Lombardi-Affäre
Guy Helminger, capybarabooks

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John Marshall, Maison Moderne

Lëtzebuerger Ardennen
Anna Molzahn, Editions Schortgen

Guide historique et architectural
Esch-sur-Alzette, capybarabooks

Luxemburg Land der Rosen
Heidi Howcroft & Marianne Majerurs, Editions Schortgen

Les crimes devant les magistrats luxembourgeois
Jean Bour, Paul Bauler Editions

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Children and young adults

Walking the Mountain
Marina Fonseca & Lisa Junius, Zoom Editions

Ma famille Patchwork. Une petite catastrophe
Marie Isabelle Callier,  PersPektiv Editions

12 Nei Gutt-Nuecht Geschichten
Sonja, Editions Phi

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Stories from the Inside
40 Years Valentiny Architects: Point Nemo Publishing
John Marshall, Maison Moderne
Waking the Mountain
Marina Fonseca & Lisa Junius, Zoom Editions

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