Big budget super 'hero' mash up is a mixed bag. Good ideas run out of steam in this Jamie Foxx starring streamer.

If there as a pill that could give you super powers for five while minutes, would you take it?

That's the question posed by Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, perhaps better known for the still-compelling, maybe-documentary “Catfish” to 2016’s augmented reality actioner “Nerve".

Essentially, even with a dust-up from the in-demand Mattson Tomlin, this is Limitless after far too many red bulls.

A new drug is flooding the market... these Power pills will unlock a user's unique superhero abilities for five minutes. The results could be incredible or devastating. You may explode into a shower of bloody gloop instead of gaining super strength.

Much of the plot is signposted early but all leads give committed performances, while truly impressive visual effects take things up a notch.

Jamie Foxx stars as Major, a former 'test subject' turned vigilante, on the trail of his kidnapped daughter. His path soon crosses with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's sometimes boosted cop Frank, who needs to level the playing field.

The pair's journeys are mixed with that of Power peddler Robin, a smart-cookie turned to crime to assist her ailing mother (a standout from newcomer Dominique Fischback).

What follows are a number of set-pieces (a bravura chase with an 'invisible' bank robber and a chase with a living inferno) laced with sequences in cars where exposition is crammed in frenetically.

The ideas on show demand more time to flex and it is a shame that the film is...a, well, a film, this could have played out better in a mini-series format.

However you look at, it is unlikely that this is the last you will see of this new Supes world. Far better than Bright and more interesting than The Old Guard, ProPow is perfect popcorn fare.

Project Power is available now on Netflix.