An award-winning behind the scenes look into the “Luxembourg Puckers” Ice hockey team.

With over 20 different nationalities and ranging in age from 20 - 60 the Puckers are arguably the most diverse sports team in the world.

The Spirit of the Game takes audiences on the incredible 2017/18 season as the Puckers challenged to win the French Ice Hockey Trophée Loisir (now Trophée Federal), a competition featuring 65 teams from across France & Luxembourg.

With an average team age of 44 years old, the Puckers must balance being good husbands, fathers and work-life to compete in a league that requires its champions to travel over 4,000km per season and in the playoffs compete 3 times in 24hrs.

"This is a movie that was born out of my love for Ice Hockey and for the 'Puckers', says director Liam McEvoy. "Since a young age I have played the sport and been a fan. To this day I believe it is the most exciting game there is. I've always found Ice Hockey is a worldwide community that supports each other and this is what I really wanted to display in 'The Spirit of the Game'."

Special fundraising screening presented by Fondation Sarah Grond
Sunday 15 December 2019, 2pm
Kinepolis Kirchberg
Tickets: €15 all proceeds go to the foundation

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