In order to respond to the increasing demand of Luxembourgish classes, different methods are being considered to help people gain a better grasp of the language.

It is under these circumstances that the rules concerning Luxembourgish spelling have been made easier. The newly established Centre for Luxembourgish (ZLS) aided the Ministry of Education in these endeavours.

The demand for Luxembourgish books is also high, and a growing number of these can be found in our libraries. A book on the new spelling has also been put together: in 10 chapters, the different rules and guides can easily be looked up. It's even free to order.

The book, mainly aimed at teachers, also traces the language's evolution. A crucial shift will be taking place in education: in two years, Luxembourgish will become a mandatory class in 4ième (4th year secondary in the local education system) and an optional one in 3ième. The goal is to teach the correct spelling and to integrate this into teachings on Luxembourgish culture, history and literature.

Another measure involves online courses that the National Institute of Languages (INL) has made  available. According to the INL, the national language is growing in popularity, a positive development demonstrated in the demand of Luxembourgish books, DVDs, and CDs.
According to the libraries, Luxembourgish classes are the reason behind the rise in Luxembourgish book sales, dictionaries and grammar guides. Media, schools and national libraries are all vital when it comes to communicating the national language.