Following his enormous success in Luxembourg, Superjhemp is hitting big screens across the Atlantic.

The film celebrated its US première at the "Starring Europe" EU film festival - not with Kachkéis, sadly, but with Luxembourgish wine. How did the film fare with the public, and do Americans understand Luxembourgish humour?

Hollywood - where Darth Vader and Spiderman walk the streets, and the biggest stars of the silver screen leave their hand- and footprints. And just round the corner, Superjhemp flies over the big screen.

Sandrine Scheller from the Luxembourg consulate grew up watching Superjhemp and presented him to American audiences for the first time at the film festival. She said she was interested to see how he would be received, and she was trying to place it in a context to enable Americans to properly understand Luxembourg humour. A second challenge would be to explain to US audiences what Kachkéis is.

The film festival was a prime opportunity to spread Luxembourgish culture abroad, under the direction of Pit Biwer, Hollywood reporter and former consulate for Luxembourg. 6 years ago, a group of EU consulates came together to start a cultural action, with the goal of displaying EU diversity to American audiences. Biwer said a film festival in LA would be the perfect opportunity.

Among the spectators were a number of Luxembourg expats who couldn't miss Superjhemp's film première. For Jerry Franck, a film producer who lives in the States, it was the first time he had ever watched a film in Luxembourgish in Los Angeles. Other expats said it made them feel like they were at home.

The Luxembourg anti-hero seems to have left his mark on the American public. Cali Gilbert enjoyed the film, especially the opportunity to learn more about Luxembourgish culture and politics. Richard McNeace said the film made him want to travel to Luxembourg and sample Kachkéis, in order to benefit from the supposed superpowers bestowed by the cheese dish.

As well as promoting Kachkéis, such a production in Hollywood could lead to other opportunities for Luxembourg going forward. Scheller said that if this film's cinematography is well received, it would help to find distributors and open more doors for Luxembourg directors.

And if Superjhemp could manage that, then he would be a true superhero!