What makes the XPO E exhibition so unique is that visitors do not get to see the works of established artists, but creations from 622 art students from nine of Luxembourg's secondary schools.

XPO E provides a platform to the future talents of Luxembourg's art scene. 622 art students from nine different secondary schools participated in the third edition of the project, with their works now on display at the Rotondes in Bonnevoie.

Aside from providing a platform, the project also seeks to show the diversity of the secondary schools' art programmes: art history, drawing, visual communication, and design. Those four subjects make up the core of the programme and have therefore become the focus of the exhibition.

41 teachers helped guide the students who contributed to the art project. 'Evolution' was chosen as the thematic thread that runs through the four sections of the exhibition. The theme is illustrated through the creation process of the project itself, meaning that visitors get a glance of how the project evolved from start to finish.

Organisers hope to turn XPO E into a cyclical event with editions every three years. With the Rotondes as hosts, art students can benefit from professional support and increased visibility, which reaches far beyond the school premises.

Pupils also received support from two professional artists in the run-up to the exhibition. Luxembourgish photographer Jeanine Unsen worked with art history students on portraits, while French artist Guillaumit collaborated with visual communication students on a panorama video.

The visual identity of the exhibition was created by former art student Céline Loegel, who went on to study graphic design after graduating from secondary school here in Luxembourg.

XPO E will be open for visitors until 17 April.

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