How do you organise dance performances, all while respecting the current security measures? The Centre de Création choréographique Luxembourgois TROIS C-L gave us the answer in form of their new format „1+1 au 3“. In the midst of it all: 23-year-old Isaiah Wilson.

After years of studying dance and interning at the renowned dance company ICK Amsterdam, Isaiah Wilson moved back to Luxembourg last August. Since then, he’s been participating at multiple projects, both behind the scenes as an art director-slash-videographer and in front of the camera as a dancer.

For his participation at TROIS C-L’s „1+1 au 3“, the interdisciplinary artist merged all of his gained knowledge into his piece „Passenger“ which he performed five times via Zoom – each time for one single spectator. For our report, we closely followed Isaiah during his preparations for the big day and talked to him about his work.