"Clin d’œil du médecin" is an exhibition of photos taken by doctors working at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL).

The exhibition features dozens of black-and-white photographs depicting landscapes, animals or urban scenes, both in Luxembourg and abroad. Their unifying feature is that they were all taken by doctors working at the CHL. The meticulousness and attention to detail that doctors display in their jobs is reflected in the pictures.

According to Dr Fernand Pauly: "The variety of the works on show reflects the variety of the photographers, all of whom are doctors bringing their own perspective to what are often everyday situations. At the hospital, this multi-perspective approach forms the core of their interdisciplinary practice: they each know that their own view of a patient is only partial, and that what is held innermost is never accessible to others. Doctors, like photographers, master their tools, but never their subjects: they advance step-by-step, peering through a lens to focus on what is essential."

According to the VDL website, "the City sees this exhibition as an opportunity to pay tribute to the dedication that the medical community and all CHL staff have shown throughout the pandemic, and to thank them for their unfailing commitment."

The outdoor exhibition on Place Guillaume II is free of charge. More information can be found here.