In the context of Project WANTED, Kulturhuef in Grevenmacher has been organising a regular residency for artists since 2010.

At Kulturhuef, selected artists get the opportunity to focus extensively on the techniques used in letterpress printing.

Under the motto "Gutenberg, Luther and Steve Jobs", five artists of very different artistic backgrounds have spent this month creating works in an XL format.

Artists Thomas Peter, Diane Jodes, Anna Eiber, Laas Koehler and Neckel Scholtus, surpassed their normal dimensions by quite a bit. Using 1.5 m by 2.2 m wooden panels, they couldn't print their pieces of art on the press at the museum, so they opted for a road roller in the court yard instead.

The scale of the work presented all participants with a bit of a challenge, while facilitating a creative exchange between artists who were inexperienced in the medium of letterpress printing and artists like Thomas Peter, who has been working in the domain of woodblock printing for a long time. This collaboration providing an exciting dynamic in the creation process.  For this project, there were no limitations to the creators' imagination. During the implementation of their ideas, the artists were able to create their own wooden templates, as well as materials from the museum collection.

The finished works of art will be on show for visitors until 22 December at the Drockmusée (Print Museum) in Grevenmacher.