With the exhibition "Beyond the New" slowly approaching its final weeks, Mudam has organised a new workshop that will let your inner architect run wild.

The new installment takes the shape of a protean city that is born out of the interplay between various objects and projectors. Set against a colorful background and boasting the possibility to add or remove objects as you please, the city perpetually changes its final form.

The man behind the idea is Luxembourgish artist Steve Gerges. When he saw the objects that the museum provided for the workshop, he decided to use projectors in order to let a miniature city come to life.

Sustainability plays a key role in this workshop. The objects that participants use all come from the Formida Centre, a recycing centre where industrial rest material is utilized and thrown back into the economic circulatory system.

Fancy creating your own little city out of shadows and light? The exhibition is open to the public this Sunday as well as next weekend. This weekend also marks the last chance to visit Jeff Wall's exhibition "Appearance" and Susumu Shingu's artworks.