On June 14, the Ukrainian Fashion Show was held at La Brasserie Schuman as part of the UA Days festival in Luxembourg.

This event showcased the work of notable Ukrainian designers, ElenaReva and Poustovit.

Poustovit, a fashion house established by Liliia Poustovit in 1998 and headquartered in Kyiv, encapsulates the vigor of life, globe-trotting experiences, and the holy aspects of Ukrainian national heritage, re-envisioned. Poustovit's designs are rich with deep-seated Ukrainian motifs, with Liliia seeing the country's illustrious history as a catalyst for innovative creations.

ElenaReva, a luxury fashion brand, is celebrated for its modern couture, art-infused designs, and partnerships with emerging artists aimed at bolstering the Ukrainian art landscape. Notable personalities such as Sandra Bullock, Tia Mowry, and Laura Vandervoort have been spotted in ElenaReva outfits.


© tanita_photo / UA Days

Among the attendees was Frank Wilde, a prominent Berlin-based stylist and costume designer famed for his lavish attire and support for Ukraine. The event also saw the presence of Nadine Robert, a popular Luxembourgish influencer, blogger, and model.

As part of the event, funds were collected for LUkraine's emergency response mission in the Kherson region, following the catastrophic destruction of a dam in Nova Kakhovka that triggered a serious humanitarian and ecological crisis.

UA Days in Luxembourg, the pioneer festival of Ukrainian culture in Luxembourg, provides an array of activities that showcase the cultural wealth of Ukraine and promote cultural dialogue between Ukraine and Luxembourg. The festival features music, film, art, fashion, and photography, presenting and interpreting Ukrainian heritage.

You can find more information on UA Days here.