For the occasion of the Bazar International, scheduled to kick off on Friday 11 November, you can now watch some wonderful footage from the 1964 and 1980 editions, including one of the first public appearances of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious events organised in Luxembourg: the International Bazar, which once again takes place from 11 to 13 November this year. For several decades, the public has loved this unique fair, where one can discover gastronomic and cultural specialities from many countries while simultaneously supporting charitable projects.

Our colleagues from RTL 5minutes went through the archives of the Centre for Audiovisual Content (CNA) and dug out footage from 1964 and 1980, which immediately takes you back to a bygone era. The footage from November 1980 is particularly interesting, because it was shot when a certain Maria Teresa made one of her first public appearances - if not the first - in Luxembourg!

At the time, the future Grand Duchess was enrolled at the University of Geneva, where she obtained a degree in political science in 1980. And it was at the university where she met her future husband, Prince Henri of Luxembourg. Their engagement was announced at the end of their studies on 7 November 1980. Their wedding took place a few months later, in 1981, on Valentine's Day. And the rest of the story is history.

Your RTL Today team will also be at the Bazar this year! Come and meet the friendly faces and voices behind the team!

You'll be able to try out our classic festival game "Cornhole", participate in an exciting treasure hunt and maybe you'll get the chance to win an iPad or iPhone. We also have some things to give away, so come and have a look and say hi!