RTL and the CNA (National Audiovisual Centre) have been burrowing through the nation's archives, revealing, in some cases, century-old footage.

Plucked from our friends over at 5minutes we have some archival footage dating back to the 1960s, transporting the viewers to an era of swinging strawberries in Steinsel.

In the post-war period, the commune made a name for itself, with word of Steinsel's strawberries travelling far and wide.

The enterprise originally began 30 years prior, when local horticulturist Nicolas Kolber adopted French growing and cultivation methods from the north-eastern commune of Woippy, located along the Moselle.

By the beginning of the 60s, Steinsel had established a strawberry co-operative with about a hundred producers.

By 1962, 45 tons of strawberries were being produced. However, the decline followed only a decade after, as cheaper, imported strawberries from Southern Europe rivalled those of local farmers.

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